What wedding planning services are typically provided by Firefly Event Company?

  • We typically work with clients through four stages:
    • Pre-design (deciding what to do): At this stage we meet with clients to understand their budget and to identify key dates and event details such as venue style, number of guests, rentals needed, etc. We then determine the scope of the planning services needed.
    • Concept Development (reality check): We begin to bid all aspects of the event to determine a realistic budget. We then discuss details and provide assistance with choosing the appropriate vendors
    • Event Development: Now that we have a firm budget, and vendor plan, we establish contracts, schedules, and floor plans to ensure a smooth event
    • Event Execution: Day of coordination of the event. We are on-site for as many aspects of the event as the client desires to ensure a seamless outcome.

Do all events include all the services above?

Most do, however, we can adjust our services to meet each client’s individual requirements.

How can we achieve the best outcome for each event?

Attentive listening, clear communication and teamwork by all parties. Go team!

Who is the “team” involved in an event?

Each event will be comprised of your unique vendor team.  This will include your Firefly staff + every vendor / event specialists we contract. As each event is designed, we will be teaming up with a variety of vendor specialists to ensure a successful event.

How are fees determined?

Our fees are negotiated according to our role and level of service needed. We can structure our fees as a fixed rate (based on one of our packages), a percentage of event cost, or hourly fee (based on the client’s needs). We have multiple levels of package pricing, along with an additional a la carte menu. The project scope, size, and location are also factors which may affect our fees.